Monday, August 16, 2010

Box Tops for Education and Safeway Gift Card for You

School is only a week away for us, so it is time to stop thinking about swim suits and start thinking about backpacks.  And pencils.  And lunch boxes.  It is also time to start collecting Box Tops for Education for my kiddos school again.

Right now Safeway (and their family of stores) has a great chance for you to earn even more money for your school with their 2 Ways 2 Earn program.  You can get all of the details HERE, but basically you buy your favorite Box Top product, you get your regular Box Top, on specially marked boxes you get an additional Box Top and if you see this cute little school bus tag:

the school of your choice will get 10%!  Easy peasy!  And I can tell you from experience how easy it is to earn money for your school.  Safeway and General Mills sent me a $25 gift card to Randall's to try it out.  And they even sent me a bonus Box Top Certificate worth 50 bonus box tops!  My kids are going to be SO psyched to take that into school!

So I took the kiddos to Randall's (that I still call Safeway because that is what it is called in Arizona) and I let them pick out their favorite Box Top items.  The first week of school I let them pack whatever they want in their lunch box.  Sort of my way to soften the blow of going back to school after a summer of fun with Mom!  So this was a great chance to let them pick out some of their favorite lunch treats.  Lots of Nature Valley Granola bars and Fruit Roll Ups.  Although I think their very favorite is the box of Fruit Gushers hidden in this picture:

Fruit Gushers weird me out, but the kids LOVE them!

So with my $25 I bought everything pictured and earned almost $10 for my kids school!

How would you like to win a $25 gift card to Safeway (or one of their stores) and a bonus Box Top Certificate of your own?

Just leave me a comment here letting me know your favorite Box Top item.  You have until Tuesday night at midnight to leave me a comment and I will pick one winner on Wednesday to receive the gift card and bonus Box Top certificate.

If you look in the back you can see mine.  Hidden behind the Kix and Wheat Chex is a box of Reese's Puffs.  Oh man I love Reese's Puffs.  We usually stick to the healthier stuff, but every once in a while Reese's Puffs are good for the soul.  If you can get a bowl before the kids eat them all!

So what is your favorite?

The Safeway gift card, Bonus Box Tops certificate, information and giveaway were all given to  me from Safeway and General Mills through MyBlogSpark.


  1. I've been saving my box tops for a few years now. Even during the summer I hang on to them. Why not? It goes to a great cause.

    My favorite has to be the Fiber One bars. I love them and eat them more so now that I can cup off the box top and save them.

    I would be so excited to win your giveaway.

    Thanks for the chance.

  2. I like Cheerios.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  3. I am obsessed with Box Tops. If I have a choice of 2 different products, I will always buy the one with a box top. I am excited to send in the ones we have been saving all summer (about 100 box tops). We love Gogurt, and rolls. I love when I find box tops on things I didn't know they were on - like Kleenex, toliet paper and I just discovered you get one from Land o' Lakes cheese. It is like Christmas morning. I come home from the store and immediately cut all my box tops off.

    Thanks for the opportunity to earn more for our school!

  4. My favorite is Betty Crocker cake mixes....kind of into the cake making thing right now ;) and I still have a certain box of White Cake mix given to me by my sister lol....I have one more year until I need to save box tops so I am going to save and mail mine to you!

  5. Chex or kix. YUM! Very delicious.

  6. I love granola bars. But, only the chocolate-y ones, not the fruit and oat ones. ;0) I almost always choose the ones that have box tops over those that don't. Cascadian Farms are some of our favorites!

  7. Well I usually buy a lot of various varieties of Cheerios cereal but my fave boxtop product is the yummy Orange Cinnamon rolls in the tube! I try to keep that down to just a special treat every now & then. ;-)

  8. We love Totino's pizza--it's the super El Cheapo pizza with the square pepperoni, usually $1.25 at walmart. I've tried to buy more expensive stuff and my kids won't eat it!

  9. Since I have a house full of kids, I have a lot of favorites. Fun cereals and healthy ones, fruit snacks, granola bars, you name it, we like em!

  10. I like the Nature Valley Granola Bars

  11. The granola bars and fruit snacks. My kids love them, and I've trained them to cut out the boxtops themselves now. :)

  12. honey nut cheerios. good at any age!

  13. Huggies? I don't know, but my daughter LOVES collecting them for her school!

  14. I have some Betty Crocker... so I better start saving!

  15. We love the Betty Crocker cookie mixes. But Gogurts are a STAPLE in our house too!