Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mini Me Paper Dolls by Lily and Thistle

Lou La has always been a kid that can play with things four hours at a time.  She once sat next to me and colored for two hours straight when she was only two.  The girl can entertain herself forever with just some paper, scissors and tape.  She loves her tape!

She also, like most girls, loves to dress up dolls.  I have successfully avoided introducing her to American Girl dolls because I know she would talk me into spending a small fortune on them.  She might pass out if she saw the American Girl Store in New York City.

I don't know why I never thought to get her paper dolls to play with.  You get to cut them out with scissors and dress them up in inexpensive clothing!  I mean the girl even tried to drop hints.  She made paper versions of all her friends in her class and taped them to the wall behind her bed!

Well luckily Hannah decided to create the  Mini Me Doll Boutique:

I immediately fell in love and entered a giveaway to try to win a set.  Hannah saw my entry and offered to send me a doll to review!  I was so excited to let Lou La create a doll that looked like her.  Of course, being the girl she is, she didn't want a doll that looked like her!  She wanted one that looked like her best friend!  So we ended up getting two, one that looks like her:

And one that looks like her best friend:

Just designing the doll is fun!  But then they come in the mail and they come in the cutest package, all wrapped up in a bow.  Talk about making a girl feel special.  I was way too excited to give them to Lou, so her hair was a mess and the pictures are not great, so we will pretend like this is her:

We will also pretend like I could ever take a picture that cute!  The picture is actually Dana's, it is her daughter Lucy opening up her very own MiniMe Paper Doll.  But just look at that cute package!  Who wouldn't want to open that!  I actually had a hard time being patient while Lou carefully opened her bow and then the gigantic envelope that was inside. 

Once she did open them she couldn't wait to cut them out.  I mean LITERALLY she couldn't wait.  I tried to talk her into letting me do it, but that wasn't going to happen!  Luckily the girl is pretty skilled with scissors.

She has loved playing with all of the clothes.  There are some great choices.  Like girls in literature and fairytales, but Lou loves the Spring collection the best:

What I love is that all of the clothes are cute and modest!  It is hard enough to find modest clothing for Lou to wear herself, but trying to find a modest outfit for a Barbie is absolutely impossible.  They do not exist!

Hannah is AMAZINGLY talented and the dolls are so much fun.  They even come with this amazing sticky strip that makes makes it super easy to change outfits and the clothes actually STAY on the paper doll!

Our dolls will be going with us on all of our road trips this summer.  Not only to keep Lou entertained in the car, but I have a fun little 'flat stanley' idea record our summer trips.  So you will see pictures of Lou and miniLou throughout the summer.

We will also be adding another friend to our paper doll family.  Mable:

You can download her for free HERE.

Go check out the MiniMe Paper Doll Boutique and customize a doll of your own.  And make sure to put the code ACT NORMAL at checkout and Hannah will include the Summer outfits for FREE!!!

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  1. How CUTE!
    I love them!
    We use to cut models from the Sears Book and clothes...paper dolls...ala quick and easy!

    I love that the clothes are modest! NO BELLIES showing!