Tuesday, March 3, 2009

If you have a child that is a fan of Signing Time and you have and Iphone or and Ipod Touch, then you NEED this App. And if you have young children and have never heard of Signing Times, then you need to check them out! Start with the amazing story of how these videos came about and then check out all of the amazing videos.

I could go on an on about it. It is one of the best apps I have seen. It uses all of the features that make the Iphone/Ipod Touch great and is a great learning tool. This video does a pretty great job of showing you how amazing it is:

See! I told you it was pretty amazing! And it is VERY handy while waiting in line at the grocery store to check out. Or in the doctors office when you finally get called back to a room, but then end up waiting there for another 30 minutes. Or when you just want to buy yourself a few minutes of peace and quiet! You get the idea! My kids loved it and yours will too! Unless they are teenagers. Then they won't. Unless they think Rachel is cute.

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